Discover effective strategies for summer clean-up at school facilities to ensure a fresh and welcoming environment for students and staff.
Choosing a facilities management provider for your school should be simple. However, anyone who’s gone through the solicitation process for […]
HES Facilities Management will oversee Baylor University's groundskeeping services, as of June 1, 2024.
October 15-21, 2023, has been proclaimed America’s Safe Schools Week. It’s a time when schools across the nation come together […]
College & University Admins Have Their Work Cut Out for Them The challenges for administrators in the environment of higher […]
snow and ice removal for schools
As we head back to school after the holidays, we’re reviewing our best practices for snow and ice removal. The […]
Summer break is over for most schools returning to the classroom, which means it’s a perfect time to assess and […]
when to switch facilities maintenance providers
Whether you’ve worked with the same facilities management team for a few months or decades, there’s always room for improvement. […]
When we talk about cost savings in asset management and maintenance, what does that really mean? Some providers will say […]
We’ve talked before about the irony of facility services: when your school’s facilities provider is doing its best work, it’s […]
capital university
COLUMBUS, OHIO – When Abel Ramos accepted a position with HES Facilities Management, he didn’t know that decision would eventually […]
Whether for a four-year university in a big city or a K12 school district covering a broad rural area, educational […]
In facilities management, key performance indicators (KPIs) reveal not just whether your facilities team is performing up to expectations, but […]
HES cmms blog
Schools at every level are seeking consistent, reliable results from their facilities management teams. Staying organized, especially when it comes […]
We can’t say enough about the importance of community colleges. There are more than 900 community colleges across the US, […]
HES 2022 fm trends blog
What would a new year be without a look at upcoming facilities management trends? Here at HES, we’re looking at […]
Water management doesn’t always get its due. Urgent priorities – especially those related to keeping students safe and healthy – […]
Managing and maintaining educational facilities – whether public or private, elementary or graduate school – takes 24/7 effort and attention. […]
No matter how many positives come out of an organizational change, it still can be stressful for the employees involved. […]
More than a year and a half into the pandemic, administrators continue to work through school reopening plans. The challenge […]
We all know 2021 has been a challenge for everyone involved with education. After a fluid, unpredictable series of school […]
Recycling is a big part of every school’s facilities management program – and getting bigger. Recent research from the Environmental […]
In 2021 the U.S. will see an above-average number of hurricanes, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).1 How […]
More than ever, educational institutions are contracting their Facilities Management (FM) programs to companies specializing in custodial, groundskeeping, and operations management.
WFF covid funding 2021
As 2020 disappears in the rear-view mirror, a glimmer of good news has appeared in the form of federal financial […]
While any plan for cleaning and disinfecting campus spaces should include a range of overlapping actions, UV disinfection is worth […]
As we move through the fall semester, colleges and universities are seeking ways to stay connected (or, in many cases, […]
Whether your campus is open now, reopening in stages this fall, or adopting a “wait and see” approach, you’re probably […]
steps to reopen college campus
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, colleges and universities across the country are coming to grips with two facts: One, students are […]
person at chalkboard
Higher education has taken a hard financial blow in 2020. How the pandemic will affect future enrollment remains to be seen, […]
technology fighting covid
While technology has always been a key part of our facility management plans, we’re now using technologies to fight COVID-19 […]

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