HES, since being on our two campuses in central Ohio, have done and continue to do a superior job in supporting our university’s mission.

They ensure superior performance in all areas of housekeeping including employee training, employee selection, customer relations, disinfecting, cleaning, and conference setups. Their project work has dramatically improved the “sparkle” of our classrooms and labs, specialized floors surfaces from terrazzo to our arena wood courts and rubberized track and field areas.

Very well organized and professionally led here and at the corporate support level. They are an integral part of our facilities team. HES’s can-do attitude, quality service, and dynamic management team has been instrumental in enhancing our student living accommodation experience.

No job to small and no job to great, “no” is not in the HES team’s vocabulary. They are an invaluable partner supporting Capital University 24/7.


Director, Facilities Management, Capital University

HES understands how to be an excellent partner, and I am happy to share a letter of recommendation on their behalf.

We had previously maintained all custodial services in house. Throughout the RFP process we were most impressed by HES and their team.

Prior to the start of the contract, HES was onsite to meet our current staff in school meetings as well as hold meetings individually with each staff member, assess the building conditions, take inventory and place equipment and cleaning supplies orders, and hire staff to fill our current vacancies. HES included us in the interview process. HES continues to provide regular updates on their progress.

Throughout this school year, HES has kept us fully staffed with custodians. This is a task that we struggled with in the past. HES has built great relationships with our principals and seeks their feedback each month to ensure that our expectations are being met.

The HES team is very organized, thoughtful and team oriented. We are very happy with this partnership and enjoy having a more efficient and better trained custodial staff.


K-12 school district with 8 schools

We have been with HES now for many years and have been very pleased with their work and their attention to any issues that we have made them aware of. It has been a very challenging time for all of us over the past two years dealing with all the COVID issues but HES went above and beyond to do their part in their cleaning and sanitizing.

We are very fortunate in our school system to have a great manager that takes great pride in his work and has a great relationship with all the principals of our schools. It is without any reservation that I would recommend HES to be considered for your custodial needs.

Director of schools

K-12 school district with 7 schools

 It is my privilege to provide this letter of recommendation on behalf of HES Facilities Management Services. I have had the privilege of working with this group who has provided housekeeping services in two different districts where I have worked. 

We have always found them very easy to work with as we have communicated our needs and requests. They are always very responsive to our suggestions and have been a pleasure to work with. When issues arise, they have always been eager to work with us to satisfy our needs. We appreciate the regular communication that we have with their management and are thankful to partner with them to serve the staff and students.


K-12 school district with 18 schools

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding support we’ve received from the HES over the past 12 months. The Vice-President of the United States accepted our invitation to be our commencement speaker. [HES] made sure the Campus was at its finest for the visit. The White House Advance Team and Secret Service were complimentary about the condition and cleanliness of the facilities.

In addition to preparing the Campus for dignitaries, the HES Team has played a major role in the success of multiple Homecoming events, summer cleanups, sporting events throughout the year and adjusting to the increase in our student population.

The HES Leadership Team has been responsive to emergency requests and in many cases were on the scene prior to our notifications. Our Facilities Team and the HES Team are starting to move as one.

I have tremendous respect for the HES Management Team and have a profound appreciation for the role they to take us to greater heights.

Executive director

University with 6,000 students

After several years with our custodial services contractor, our board was interested in exploring other options for these services. Upon close consideration of proposals from a number of companies, the selection committee made a recommendation to the board to switch to HES Facilities.

This switch occurred in the middle of the school year, on November 1st, which gave us only a few weeks to prepare for the transition.

The HES team made us feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to handle a handoff and transition. They were able to get the recommended employees hired and trained in a very organized manner, and they filled the remaining openings with employees from within our community. HES was responsive and proactive with the timeline they were given, and our schools were quickly ready for teachers and students, and the transition went very smooth.

The custodial service with HES has and continues to be well received, and their management team has continued to be responsive to our needs. Based on our experience with HES, we are pleased with the service and are happy to recommend them to other school systems.

Chief operating officer

K-12 school district with 36 schools

Our school district has been doing business with HES and their management team for over 20 years through the public, competitive bid process and related awards. We maintain a combination of 58 district properties and facilities over approximately 540 square miles. Most of our sites are schools and some are operational support buildings. We outsource 100% of all of the related custodial services that includes all products, materials, supplies, consumables, equipment, labor, management, training, recruiting, translators, etc. The bid award is typically a 5 year contract. We usually divide our district into two separate geographical zones and award the outsourced custodial to two competing companies.

HES had previously been awarded 27 schools at the beginning of the current contract. However, due to languishing, unresolved, poor performance by HES’ competitor — who serviced the other half of the district — our management team recently eliminated the other custodial provider and transitioned the entire district (58 sites) to HES.

We grade our outsourced custodial companies every month on a performance scale of 1 to 100. HES has consistently averaged over 90% success rate here. We are very pleased with HES and their continued dedication to make our district a safe, clean and inviting environment for students and staff to thrive.

The HES management team is a pleasure to work with. HES certainly meets or exceeds our expectations. Also, HES is very competitive with their cost structure. I feel comfortable recommending HES based on their loyalty and quality service to our district. The custodial industry has faced numerous challenges over the last 3 years. We have confidence in HES’s competence and their ability to lead and fulfill this important role of our operations.

Purchasing manager

K-12 school district with 52 schools

During our strenuous RFP process, it became clear to our evaluation committee that one company stood out head and shoulders above the rest. That company was HES Facilities.

Upon recommendation and approval to make a change in service providers and establish a new partnership with HES, we noticed immediate differences, just as we were told we would. From daily communication with district leadership and school administrators, to responsiveness and transparency in resolving site-based requests, their team went and continues to go above and beyond. Additionally, they were able to retain recommended employees, recruit, and train new employees, and accomplish a thorough summer deep cleaning on time for teachers and students to return to school. 

HES has proven to be a true partner and team member in every aspect of our daily operation. In this tremendously difficult job market HES has plugged into our community, not just as contractors, but as true partners to recruit and fill the position. They took it upon themselves to provide hiring incentives, bonuses and wage increases to fill hard positions. 

We have also appreciated the immediate availability of their top leaders as well as from the local team in place here. Needless to say, we highly recommend HES Facilities.

Executive director, facilities management

K-12 school district with 200 schools

Our district outsourced custodial services 5 years ago. It was a smart financial decision for the school district, however outsourcing in K-12 is not always a popular decision. We went with a different, nationally known vendor for our first 4 years. The startup phase was very rocky and not well received. The company was so large they never could seem to get this corrected and we went through 3 General Managers.

The fourth year we put out a new RFP and selected HES as our provider. They came in and transitioned with us over fall break. This was challenging and not without a few problems, however they were always responsive and through open communication lines and collaboration we continued to work together to provide a clean and safe environment for our students and staff.

It’s now been 16 months with HES. Our schools are safe and clean, and we are happy with our relationship with HES and the service they provide us.


K-12 school district with 33 schools

Our school district decided to make a change in janitorial service providers after several years of inconsistency from our previous vendor. After considering proposals from a number of companies, we made the decision to switch to HES Facilities. This switch occurred during the middle of the school year, over our Fall Break, which gave them only a few weeks to prepare for the transition. Over the course of a weekend, they were able to get their crews and equipment assembled, and our schools were ready for teachers and students when they came back from break. The transition went very smooth, and HES was responsive to the quick timeline they were given. 

The new service with HES has been very well received, and their management team has been responsive to our needs. They were able to hire many of the recommended employees we had, and most, if not all of them, received an increase in pay when they came over to HES, which we believe has helped streamline the quality and stabilize the staffing inconsistencies we were experiencing with our previous company. 

Based on our experience with HES so far, we are pleased with the service and are happy to recommend them to other school systems.

Building & Grounds, transportation director

K-12 school district with 9 schools

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the wonderful service you and your company have provided our schools for the past four and a half years. 

HES’s custodians are outstanding, as they have taken personal ownership in our schools. This outstanding service doesn’t happen without their dedication. All our principals are extremely happy, and our schools have never been as clean as they are today. And that is a true testimony to you and your staff.

The HES account manager and assistant manager for our district have exceeded all expectation this year. Sometimes I believe they have a better relationship with our principals than I do. They have gone above and beyond expectation by making sure every situation and every problem has been addressed before it even gets to my desk. What a blessing they have been to me, not only at work, but also personally in my daily walk. I know that there are others behind the scenes who are working tirelessly for our system, and they deserve a thank you also. 

Director of maintenance & Facilities

K-12 school district with 32 schools

As an education leader, I know how important clean, safe, and comfortable learning environments are to student achievement. In my previous role as Superintendent of a large and diverse school system, I knew I could count on HES to provide quality services so that the condition of our campuses was an inviting place for our students to learn and grow. HES is a partner who will do what they promise and stand behind their work.


K-12 school district

As a former school board member, I recognize the importance and effectiveness of public-private partnerships working collaboratively to achieve student success. HES Facilities is a sterling example of a company that freely shares its resources (company associates and funds) to improve schools and communities.

HES Facilities is an exemplary model of corporate giving! This outstanding company has been intentional in its efforts to reach out and embed itself in the community which it serves. As a non-profit provider in this school system, I am very impressed and sincerely grateful for the HES Facilities partnership.

HES is a major undergirding factor in my non-profit’s abilities to implement our mission. Their unique outreach has included mentoring and support which gives my students the notion that they are in the presences of role models who have set high expectations and standards.

Our community has greatly benefited from the unselfish support that HES extends. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this company for selection in school districts throughout the country. It is rare that a company understands the importance of giving back to the community. HES has created a model that is unparalleled!

former school board member & nonprofit founder

K-12 school district

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