keeping your spaces sparkling, From classrooms to restrooms and everywhere in between

No matter how complex your facilities, our management programs make your life easier

Our approach to continuing education ensures safety and best practices at all times

Data-backed insights and regular reviews help us continuously improve of your program

Our approach contributes measurable results and real value to your sustainability programs

our approach

No matter how complex the facilities, we work to make it simple for our educational partners.

 Our comprehensive cleaning programs are tailored to your institution’s goals and the unique qualities of your facilities. To keep your program running smoothly, our onsite director operates as a member of your team, providing multiple, integrated services via a single point of contact. 

In addition, we hold energy conservation, sustainability, our commitment to diversity, public health, and safety as equally important priorities.

As part of our commitment to high standards, we maintain CIMS certification from ISSA.

training & safety

In order to deliver on our commitment to you, we recognize that employing safe practices requires diligence in observing, training, and coaching. 

Our approach to continuing education ensures safety and best practices at all times.

Each team member receives continuous professional education, and is empowered to make the best decisions for your educational institution.

Through leadership opportunities, career advancement, and recognition for work well done, our employees are encouraged to stay safe and proactive at work.

Quality assurance

Your educational facilities benefit from the tested process we’ve developed over years of experience. Just some of the benefits of our QA program include:

Clients appreciate our data-backed Business Value Review, or BVR. Your BVR will share valuable insights about the effectiveness of your program, allowing the team to look “above tree line” to spot strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

Just some of the benefits of our QA program include:

  • Enhanced accountability by providing time and date stamps as cleaning tasks are completed
  • Customizations according to APPA space designations
  • Proactive identification and resolution of deficiencies
  • Improved work order management
  • Trend analysis and regular reporting for program enhancement
  • Client-generated requests or reporting of defects, including the ability to share photos to ensure clear understanding
  • Customized programs based on your institution’s goals and challenges


Our commitment to sustainability – much like our approach to business – is one of partnership and shared dedication amongst our leadership, onsite team members, and education clients.

From involvement in environmental campaigns to development of campus-wide temperature policies, we collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to care for the environment.

Ultimately, our motivation far exceeds a policy statement. It’s just the right thing to do.

We concentrate on measurable results for an approach that contributes real value to your sustainability goals. Actions we offer that back your commitment to a more sustainable world include:

  • Environmental education for team members
  • Compliance with environmental laws
  • Analysis of waste streaming
  • Reduced consumption of raw materials and energy
  • Water conservation measures
  • Sustainable construction and renovation

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