College & University Admins Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

The challenges for administrators in the environment of higher education have never been greater. Are you struggling to find staff? Do you find you need more facilities management expertise than you currently have in-house? Are you looking for a strategic management partner to whom you can delegate? Do you think your facilities’ costs are in line with your peers and industry standards?

Whether you are looking for integrated facilities management or individual service options for your higher education institution, HES understands your issues, and we’ve got you covered. We ONLY service education facilities. We currently have 150 education partnerships across the country. We do strategic contracting, personalized to exactly what you want and need at your college or university. Our goals are to help you contain and reduce costs, while not sacrificing quality. Read more about us here.

At HES, we are here to give you a resourcing option. We prefer to think of the relationship with each institution of higher learning that we service as a partnership, rather than a contract. We work with you to create and maintain the best program for your needs.

We not only offer custodial management services, but also facility maintenance and groundskeeping staffing, training, hiring, and day-to-day operation oversight from our APPA-certified team. Let us help your college or university be the best it can be. Contact us at or 865.263.1905 to set up a no-cost feasibility analysis study for your campus.

HES will change the way you think about facilities management.