While technology has always been a key part of our facility management plans, we’re now using technologies to fight COVID-19 on campus.

Like colleges and universities everywhere, our higher education partners are looking for ways to return to campus more safely – whether that’s this week, this month, or a to-be-determined date in the future.

In preparation, we’ve been supporting our clients with Campus Readiness plans, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting services, and a keen eye on evolving research and recommendations.

Here are three of the most powerful ways we’re using technology to fight Coronavirus.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Electrostatic sprayers are an essential tool for cleaning for Coronavirus, and for good reason.

Electrostatic spray technology disinfects surfaces by creating a positive electrostatic charge to disinfecting solution as it disperses. This allows droplets to form extremely powerful attachments to surfaces. Think of it as a much more useful version of the “static cling” that happens when you take clothes out of the dryer.

With this electrostatic charge, disinfecting mist clings to every side of a sprayed surface, “wrapping” objects completely, to better eliminate disease-causing organisms. This gives electrostatic sprayers a level of efficacy and precision seen in few other tools.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance software represents some of the most powerful technology in the facility management industry today. For example, HES’s preferred QA platform is GPS-enabled and allows our teams to confirm daily checklist completion, conduct service audits, track and resolve issues, and collect and share real-time data with our clients.

The ability to capture time and date-stamped metadata, exact locations, and photos of completed cleaning tasks fosters transparency and trust between our on-campus teams and our higher education partners.

When choosing an FM organization, make sure they use a QA platform that allows for custom reporting, data analytics, and workflows that reflect the priorities of your campus.

Community outreach

Above all, effective community outreach requires personal connection, empathy, and understanding. Combine a data-driven strategy with that personal connection, and you’ve got a powerful link to your campus community.

But establishing the best process for analyzing and sharing information about your campus environment is easier said than done.

A good way to streamline the flow of information is by integrating existing campus CMMS technology with your facility management partner’s software platform. Once connected, you’ve got cleaning and disinfecting details at your fingertips, to share with smaller, discrete groups or the wider community.

And to get the most out of your campus outreach efforts, always choose a facility services company that has communications and outreach specialists available. They’ll work together with your staff to share information and co-branded messaging with stakeholders.

Work with professionals

For more information about how your campus can leverage technology to fight COVID-19, contact our team today.