Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the WFF team at Concord University have gone above and beyond what was necessary.

Tina Brown volunteered to clean areas where we knew a student diagnosed with the Coronavirus was living on campus prior to returning home, a decision she made as their supervisor to keep her staff as safe as possible.

Mary Keaton is responsible for my office and many in our Administration building. When faculty were on campus preparing to convert our classes to an online format, she made sure that all rooms used for meetings were cleaned before and after each gathering, in addition to her usual duties.

Every member has worked hard to implement protocol directives they received from your company, and I want you to know that they have done and continue to do an amazing job maintaining the safety and cleanliness of our facilities.

All our WFF workers are essential to our campus, and they represent you well. As a company whose mission is to “create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success,” I want you to know that the staff at Concord University do just this. Thank you for your leadership throughout this time of crisis, and for enabling the WFF team at Concord to successfully care for our facilities.

Kendra S. Boggess, President, Concord University

Athens, West Virginia