Our approach to continuing education ensures safety and best practices at all times.

HES looks at each client as an extension of our family. We respect and cherish the trust our clients put in us to create a safe, clean, inspiring environment for its community. 

That’s why we feel a purposeful duty to create a safe environment on each campus we serve. It’s a commitment we make to our partners that we’ll protect your community from any hazards within our control. 

And we owe it to our team members to help ensure they go home every night free from work-related injury. 


In order to deliver on our commitment to you, we recognize that employing safe practices requires diligence in observing, training, and coaching. 

It’s one of the main reasons each of our team members spends an average of 77 hours per year in training.

Our approach to continuing education ensures safety and best practices at all times.

Each team member receives continuous professional education, and is empowered to make the best decisions for our campus partners.

Through leadership opportunities, career advancement, and recognition for work well done, our team members are encouraged to do their best work for your campus.


We understand that each client’s learning environment is strengthened by our team members.

Our team members are ambassadors for HES and the institutions we serve, creating a personal connection on campus and supporting faculty, staff, and security. 

Empowering our team members to adapt and evolve is essential to our mission – and our clients’ satisfaction. We have developed a systemized training program that inspires and teaches the skills necessary to be a successful, engaging manager. Ongoing training and support are included in the program, enabling team members to find their best path to daily work and career goals.

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